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Cage area:
You can press the blocks one at a time and not release animals in the cage area after passing through the castle . However, you will not receive any points from them.

Cheat Codes:
To activate a cheat, press [Shift] + [?] and enter its corresponding code.

Cheat Code
All keys KEYS
Ammunition AMMO
Clear surrounded by 4 squares ZAP
Debug mode (OFF) +DEBUG
Debug mode (ON) -DEBUG
Full health HEALTH
Illuminate room -DARK
Obfuscate room DARK

Invisible demon:
You must defeat the invisible demon in the Caves of ZZT, when going to get the key in Hell. The demon will only stay on the sides of the room.

Restart after you have lost:
If you get killed by anything that will not indefinitely reproduce, after everything speeds up, wait until every creature gets to you, then enable the health code. This will give you 50 health points. Save the game, quit, then reload your game.

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