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Various Cheats:
Press Ctrl + Alt + C then put in one of these codes
Ambrosia - Win Instantly
Delian Treasury - Get 1000 coin
Cheese Puff - Dairy workers wear cheese costume
Fireballs from Heaven - Strike location with fireball
SoundFrags - Sound Effects
Bovine and Arrows - Towers shoot cows
lots of fishy - Unlimited food
Modify game model (Backup Files!)
The cheat i discovered is much like the Caesar 3 model cheat. Goto the models folder in the zeus folder and you will see game models for different difficulties in text (read-only) format, they will be named something like Zeus_model_veryeasy.txt. By right-clicking on the model you would like to modify you can take off the read-only property that prevent players from changing it. Then open up the .txt file and modify the values however you want. The building's properties are {a,b,c,.....] where the letters are numbers( values) for different things. For instance the first value (a) of a building is the cost, this can be changed to a negative number if you want gain money every time you build it, instead of spending.
use the following table to edit the zeus_model
Notes on working with the model data
0. Modifying this data can have unexpected, undesired side effects. Always keep a back up copy.
1. The numbers within the curly brackets ( { and } ) are the actual data.
2. Please keep everything (including the spacing) as it is laid out here,
only changing the numbers (This helps when hardcoding the data back into
the compiled code).
3. For negative numbers please keep the minus sign directly in front of the
number ( e.g. -10 NOT - 10), errors will result otherwise.
4. From left to right, the (BUILDINGS) numbers refer to :-
a - Cost of structure or of one tile of a structure (for walls etc)
b - Initial desirability value
c - desirability step (in tiles)
d - desirability step size
e - max desirability range
f - Number of people a building employs
g - Fire Risk Increment
h - Damage Risk Increment
i - Resource Used
j - Risk Reducer
5. From left to right, the (HOUSES) numbers refer to :-
a - DES level at which the house will devolve EVO_DES_LOW, // 0
b - DES level at which the house will evolve EVO_DES_HIG, // 1
c - Culture needed to evolve EVO_CULTURE, // 2
d - Water needed to evolve EVO_H2O, // 3
e - Education needed to evolve EVO_EDU, // 5
f - Percentage of population made soldiers EVO_PER_SOLDIERS, // 6
g - Maximum horse storage EVO_MAX_HORSES, // 7
h - Horses needed to evolve EVO_HORSES, // 8
i - Food needed to evolve EVO_FOOD_TYPES, // 9
j - Fleece needed to evolve EVO_FLEECE, // 10
k - Olive Oil needed to evolve EVO_OLIVE_OIL, // 11
l - Wine needed to evolve EVO_WINE, // 12
m - Armor required to evolve EVO_ARMS, // 13
n - Maximum armor storage EVO_MAX_ARMOR, // 14
o - Crime Risk Increment EVO_CRIME_INC, // 15
p - Crime Risk Base EVO_CRIME_BASE, // 16
q - UNUSED // 17
r - Population capacity EVO_CAPACITY, // 18
s - tax rate multiplier EVO_TAX_RATE, // 19
t - UNUSED , // 20
u - Disease Risk Increment EVO_DISEASE_INC, // 21
6. Chained structures such as walls roads etc do not have any effect on
desirability. (Except for Avenues and Boulevards.)
7. At the moment the maximum range for spreading desirability = 6 tiles.
8. When setting DES ranges note that a positive DES level needs a negative
9. Set values for the Dock and not the Dockhouse.
Change these however you like, but make sure to backup those files because modifying models may screw up the game. Note, changing model files is unpredictable and it can mess up your game and if modified incorrectly can cause crashes. I take no responsibility for any damage.
The above method also works for the Figure_model which controls characters
Bring Deceased hero back:
After getting A heros hall, and summoning the hero to your city you can raid another city or try to conquer it with that hero. If that hero dies or gets captured then destroy his hall (by either using the fireball code or with your clear tool). Then the hall item in the culture tab will reappear. Rebuild the heros hall in the exact same spot as the old one was. Then right click it and resummon your hero. (If one of the requirements is to have a certain amount of money use the Delian Treasury code)