Wrestling Encore PC cheats

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ALT + F over a promotion in the editing screen to automatically unlock it.
ALT + P at the promo selection screen to automatically unlock all promos.
CTRL + END during a match to decrease the health of all participants.
ATTACK + RUN when the 'Special' is flashing to perform your opponent's finisher
BACKSPACE during a match to produce a random explosion.
BACKSPACE over a character in the editor to reset their health status.
ALT + C at the editing screen to re-evaluate the contracts of all wrestlers.
ALT + J at the editing screen to jumble up the rosters.

Hint - Promotion Novelties:
Federation Online don't care about controlling your image.
All American Wrestling offer the most generous payments.
UK of Wrestling don't care how long you sign up for.
Rising Sun Puroresu are more inclined to give you better health care.
Maple Leaf Grappling are more inclined to give you unconditional pay.
Super Lucha Libre insist that they control your image.