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Cheaper players:
When looking to buy players, always check the amount of time remaining on their current contract. If it is under six months, you may be able to agree to personal terms. Then, the club will contact you and say that you can have this player for a much lower asking price before the contract runs out.

Easy money:
Enter the Game Database Editor and select the club you want by choosing "Clubs". Under "Potential Attendance", enter "999999" in all three of the boxes. Then, back on the clubs list, click on "Grounds" and select the ground where your club plays then select "Modify". Set the total amount of seats to "999999". When you sell season tickets, you should make a fortune.

Get all good players:
Start a new season with 4 players then choose your team and 3 other good teams you want players from then swap your crap players for there good ones.

Personal Area:
When you have started a game, click the menu and go to career. When the screen comes up type: pcdm. At the bottom you should be able to click on personal area. With this, you can buy houses, cars, boats and find a girlfriend or if you have already got one you can break up, or even have a baby.

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