Starship Troopers ( 2000 ) PC cheats

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Early Weapon Availability:
Just go to Starship Troopers directory and then the mission directory. Go to the mission directory and look for the interface.txt files, open the file and you should see a whole bunch of items in the "Excluded" area, just delete all these lines. Do this for each interface.txt file and you'll get all the weapons and all the tech soldiers (MIST, psychic) before they would have been given in the actual game.

Extra Equipment:
Just go to your Starship Trooper directory and then the mission directory. Go to each mission dir and look for interface.txt files, open the file, change the different values in equipment from 3 to 12 or 18. *Note: make sure once you change the value in one file, the rest of the files must be changed as well, if not the next game cannot be played.

Gain More Experience:
To have your troopers gain more experience after each battle, go to the "stta\units" directory and open the st_db_attr file in notepad. Go to line 26. It should start out as:

26 1 0 0 15 0 0 1...

Change this line to

26 1 0 0 200 0 0 1...

You can try other values besides 200 to tweak the experience growth of your troopers.

Increase Storage Depot Ammo:
Open the st_db_attr file in notepad and you will see on line 29, 6 positions back, there is 10000. Add another zero to that figure.