Shane Warne Cricket '99 PC cheats

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Cheat Codes:
In the Classic Match option click on the word "password" and type:

Cheat Code - Granted Wish:
NITEOWLS - 1 - 9 Classic Matches
NONOTOUT - Stumps Never Break
SETMOUSE - Free Camera Movement Using Mouse
CMBRLARA - Super Strength Batsman

Cheat List:
Type these cheats at the bottom of the Classic Match menu where it says

CATSDOGS - Always rains during Test Matches
FASTCHAT - All speech is speeded up
SLOWCHAT - All speech is slowed down
MEDICINE - A big cricket ball
SLIPPERY - Makes the fielders drop catches
TIMEWARP - Super fast game:everything moves faster
TAKEAWAY - 2nd Classic match
WIPEOUTS - 3rd Classic match
TIMELINE - 4th Classic match
SCARFACE - 5th Classic match
SILLYBOY - 6th Classic match
COPYCATS - 7th Classic match
HALFLIFE - 8th Classic match
NITEOWLS - 9th Classic match
FINISHED - All Classic matches

World XI Team:
On the menu screen for Shane Warne Cricket 99 select match, after you have done that select Classic match. Click the word password down the bottom and type in that space OLDTIMER(in caps lock). Then after you have typed that go to the Menu again and go to Match and choose any type of match(except Classic) and you will be able to pick the World XI team from the team select menu.

Shane Warne Cricket 99 PS1 Playstation (Manual & Cover Only) picture
Shane Warne Cricket 99 PS1 Playstation (Manual & Cover Only)