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Second Quest:
Pass the game with Claire and save this game. Now get Leon and load this game and you we'll be the other side of the explosion.

Infinite Ammo Code:
In order to get infinite ammo for the pc version of resident evil two, while playing the game, enter the inventory and simply input the following: up up down down left right left right aim
that should do it.

Access Everything (ie tofu 4th survivor all videos and all galleries):
It is always advisable to back up your game & files before proceeding with Hex Cheats

Open Regedit go to hkey_local_machine then to software then to capcom then resident evil 2. there should be a key at the bottom modify its value so its 15 this will give all characters and extreme battle mode. Then modify all the gallery keys so that they contain 8 f's ie ffffffff this will give acsess to all movies and pictures.

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