Moorhuhn 3 PC cheats

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Extra time and points:
Shoot the hut on the cliff immediately before running out of time to gain ten seconds. Note: Shoot the hut ten times to turn on the lights. Then, shoot the center window four times to turn out the lights and get 50 points.

Hidden treasure:
Shoot the tree on the far left. Three pieces of bark will fall off, revealing a treasure map. The three symbols show the location of hidden caves. The "X" marks the cave that contains hidden Moorhuhn gold. To enter these caves, use the green 1A ammunition to shoot the rocks in a specific pattern. When the gold is revealed, shoot it and a "Treasure Bonuses" message will appear. You will also get a 200 point bonus.

Shoot each letter in "Moorhuhn" at the title screen to play a Moorland Chicken version of Tetris.

Sony PlayStation 1 Moorhuhn 3/PS1/sles-03846 picture
Sony PlayStation 1 Moorhuhn 3/PS1/sles-03846