London Racer: Destruction Madness PC cheats

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Push F1 when playing to view the console window and enter in a code:

Go to next career mode race:
Code: please_leveljump    

Acquire everything:
Code: please_unlockeverything    

Totally Repair Car:
Code: please_repair    

Close console view:
Code: close    

View contents of indicated ASCII file:
Code: list <filename>    

Enable debug commands:
Code: debug    

Instant slay for foe cars:
Code: please_instantkill    

Code: please_invulnerability    

Display all console commands:
Code: help    

Lose event:
Code: please_lose    

Go to the indicated race:
Code: please_level <0-95>    

Configure attack:
Code: please_attack <-128 to 5>    

Configure defense:
Code: please_defence <-128 to 5>    

Configure power:
Code: please_power <-128 to 5>    

Fire power-ups from back of car:
Code: please_shit    

View current attack rating:
Code: please_attack    

View current defense rating:
Code: please_defence    

View current grip rating:
Code: please_grip    

View current power rating:
Code: please_power    

View current race:
Code: please_level    

Jump to indicated number of races, which can be negative:
Code: please_leveljump <number>    

Alter AI:
Code: please_freezeai <0 or 1>    

Prevail in the  current event:
Code: please_win    

Configure grip:
Code: please_grip <-128 to 5>   

London Racer: Destruction Madness PlayStation 2 PS2 NEW SEALED PAL picture
London Racer: Destruction Madness PlayStation 2 PS2 NEW SEALED PAL