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Different weapons and items:
Repeatedly press [Alt] + [Tab] during game play to minimize and maximize the game window. Eventually, different weapons and items will appear.

Strange colors:
Play Capture The Flag mode and make sure that it is at least two or above. Get at least one flag, then press [Esc] and go to the options menu. When in the menu, change the number of flags to get to the amount that you have. If done correctly, it will make the playing screen different colors. Note: This will cause the game to stop responding. Press [Alt] + [Tab] to leave the game, right click on it , then select "Close".

Using strange palettes:
If you have Wormhole and LieroKit v1.5, both downloadable from the Liero Hellhole, you can use several different palettes from the ones you can download. Open LieroKit, go to your Liero directory, and there should be a directory named "Palettes." Enter it, and there should be some palettes that can be activated inside. These palettes do not include all of the colors, so they will make Liero look strange when activated.

WeaponHack: Leave object trail Unknowns:
The following informaiton is for WeaponHack, an add-on to LieroKit, which is an add-onto Liero. : At the end of the list you will see "12 -Unknown," "13 - Unknown," and "14 - Unknown." The first unknown is explosions (Hellraider-style); the second unknown is smoke (missile-style) and the third is nothing (cluster bomb style).

WeaponHack: Most objects possible following projectile:
To get a steady, constant stream of explosions, pixels, or smoke, pick your object trail, then go to page 3 and switch the "Type Of Shot" to "4 - Laser type". This will create an incredible stream on your object trail.