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Important Hints:
1. The key to success is enemy tenament blocks. If you are on the street view, it will be yellow & if you point the mouse on it, it will highlight an area where the block controls. First make sure there are no cops and/or enemies anywhere close enough to get you, so you will have enough time for a get-away. If the block owner is inside, kill him. Then go back inside & take it over. If you do this to most/all of your enemies territory, you will start to bring in EXTREME amounts of cash, not to mention that the enemies don't like to venture too far into territory that is not theirs.

2. Once you have enough cash, buy a good car(shift & left-click your HQ, then sort thru the tabs) & all the best weapons you've got for a single gangster & get his muscle ready. Good weapons are the tommyguns, 9MM's, and shotguns. (Other guns such as the rifle & silencers are mainly for hitmen/assassins/gangsters
w/ good marksmenship.) Once you have the car, great guns, & your 4 muscle to accompany you, go on a rampage & start killing all the enemies you see. It's a sure way to take over.

3. Also, after fights, try to dismiss badly wounded muscle & replace them w/ new ones. Then you will always have fresh muscle to back you up, w/out having to lose muscle in new fights where they have less than perfect energy.

4. If your advisor tells you that one of your gangsters has a high notoriety level, you can still use him w/ a car w/out getting him arrested. However if he is on the street walking & is in a cop's view, they'll chase him and/or shoot him. If his anger level is set to low, he will probably just put his hands up & surrender to the cops.

5. If they start chasing your gangster while he is on foot, kill the cops if you have 2-4 healthy muscle w/ good weapons. If you do not, run for home. A lone gangster will fall against cops in a fight, simply because there is almost never a lone cop. They always travel in groups, or are w/in close distance to more cops.

6. Illegal businesses bring in the most cash. If you have one and dont know how to get it working, go to the report of the house it's in, click on the top part where it says the illegal business, then click the 2nd tab. It
will show you names of specialists who can run that business. One of them will not have anything to the left of their name, while the rest will. Click on the specialist w/ nothing next to his name, then highlight 'Relocate' & click the X in the top corner to close out of it. The specialist will travel from your HQ to the business & will soon begin to operate it.

Hex Cheat for Skills:
1.Open saved game
2.Use search button and under search for text
type Bane (for example).
3.And below ''Joe Bane'' there are similar hex
Codes for all of the gangsters :
Well the ADDE adresse's are the experience
and skills for the specific gangster you chose to edit.
4.There are only 9 ADDE hexcodes

1st ADDE= ?
2nd ADDE= assassin skills
3rd ADDE= spying
4th ADDE= robbing?
5th ADDE= charmer
6th ADDE= bomber
7th ADDE= safe cracker?
8th ADDE= driving
9th ADDE= kidnapping

5 stars = AD7E
3 stars = AD1E
2 stars = etc.

The combination of 5 skills can only be used
like this

Basic Skills (2 skills)

1. Combat
2. Stealth

Skills with ''interface'' order only 2 skills
combination allowed e.g

Addition skills (2 skills)
1. Spying (1.2, 1.3,etc)
2. Charm (2.1, 2.3 etc)
3. Bombing (3.1, etc)
4. Assassin (4.5 ect)
5. Robbing

For example if you want an assassin with bombing skills you can just edit the appropriate addressee then if you want driving skills as well edit the addresse that is for driving. When you go back into the game you will see the assassin skill,and the bombing skill. You will not see the driving skill
symbol but you are able to drive just as good as a 5 star driver!!

Hold ctrl shift and c. for a code pop up then
type Tony S. for a cheat and type in Scarface
for joey banes name. You will get four new
gangsters full stats, invincibility, all guns,
cars, and all levels.

For getting a Classic 1950's Hotrod and 8 full stats men:
Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C and Popup will come up.Type Speedy in the popup and Gonzo as Joey Banes name. You will get a Classic 1950's Hotrod and 8 full stats men when you start the game.

All spy reports:
Enter the name "bangagong" for Joey Bane.