F.A. Premier Football Manager 2000 PC cheats

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Command line cheat:
Modify the properties of the command line in a shortcut to look like this. C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\FA Premier League Football Manager 2000\footballmanager2000d.exe" /fastbuild777 /cash777 /showstat777

Make sure you have a SHORTCUT to the game and right click it and select properties to change it as specified above.

The above codes have these results

/fastbuild777 Faster Builds
/cash777 More Cash Up Front
/showstat777 Show Stats for Un-Researched Players
/alwayswin777 Teams always win
/alwayslose777 Teams always lose
/nolimit777 No money limits
/sacked777 You lose job
/nosackwarnings777 No warnings from boss