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\FUSHIPI Invincibility toggle
\GUNS All weapons and ammo
\BLOODLUST Powerup weapons
\XMAS All items
\TUNNEL Walk-through walls/Solid walls toggle

Full Version:
\gobbet: Gib Yourself
\ragamuffin: GOD mode
\aimove: stops the AI of the enemy
\arms: all weapons
\frame: framecounter
\gift: all objects
\fmk: full health
\dig: clipping mode
\overdrive: turbo
\grav: low gravity
\2krad4a: suicide
\blub: slow-motion
\sputnik: map
\dunhour: kills all enemies
\amobject: shows all objects on the map
\poed: no gravity
\vici: end of level
\oreilly: radar tracker
\bload: loads a random level
\\: repeats last code entered.