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Cool Cheats:
While playing the game,hold[CTRL] and type one of the folloing cheats,if you typed the code correctly you will hear the sound of breaking glass:
god mode [I havent done it yet.] {atheist}
mission objectives complete {qed}
mission skip {soia}
have ten access codes [you can`t have over ten] {axes}
have all gernades {horse}
palls have all weapons [They allready have unlimuted ammo] {thrill}
you have all weapons,ammo,full health [You don`t have full ammo] {aslag}
area extraction zone {ext}
one beserk pall [He dies on the next level] {hdcs}
enemy(green)and items(white)on map {godeye}
you have a flamthower {tozt}
freezes eveyone exept you [If you burn someone they will be burnt in midair] {klatu}
full armor {arm}
full health {hell}
unlimited oxygen [Even if you step out then in] {oxy}
infrared vision [The walls are red the bad guys are blue,and acts as if there was a light too] {acid}
This is the first half!

Level Select:
At the main menu hold [ALT] and [CTRL], select"New", to display the level select sceen,note:The levels aren`t in order.

Damage Incorporated - [BIG BOX] - (MACINTOSH)-NEW SEALED picture
Damage Incorporated - [BIG BOX] - (MACINTOSH)-NEW SEALED

Damage incorporated pc game picture
Damage incorporated pc game

Damage Incorporated picture
Damage Incorporated

Damage Incorporated PC game picture
Damage Incorporated PC game

Damage Incorporated picture
Damage Incorporated

Damage Incorporated picture
Damage Incorporated