Commanche 4 PC cheats

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Comanche4 Cheats:
Press "R" in game to enter these cheats:

6969 - This code starts the process of all the enemy players to start killing each other. Neat to watch but that's all.

LOADME - This codes just loads the comanche to the load out specs.. Not Maximum.

FIXME - Ok.. so you get some damage.. Too bad the guys on the FARPS can't fix you before they load you.. Now they can. FIXME does not work after you have been killed.

HARMONY - This is for the GPS Hellfire.. Raider contacted me by e-mail and let me know that the GPS Hellfire is now like the stinger.. fire and forget.. you no longer have to keep the object targeted. It remembers so you can go on to the next target without waiting for it to strike its target.

IMARAT - Wanna be invisible and fly around.. this is cool. Enemy can't see you but you can see them and kill em. But watch out.. being invisible is only good for about 30 seconds.. then you become visible again!!!

IMACOW - Now this is pretty cool.. It freezes time for everyone but you and your co-op buddies. You can fire a stinger and then go and look at it.. 30 seconds later, time unfreezes and your stinger will then take off. Doesn't work with hellfire's though.. Hellfire's need the target locked.

PIGSOINK - Ok.. this is maximum overkill.. gives you 5000 rounds, 99 stingers, 99 hellfire's, 99 rockets, 99 artillery fire.

X666 - Hmmm, now why would anyone want to kill your team mate?? HEHEHE

The above cheats only work offline or online in Co-Ops.

Various Cheats:
If you want to put a cheat on.
just give in the code as your name to activate the corresponding cheat.

supra heli :god mode
no losers :no more enemies
it's to small :small enemies
that's easy :all missions
big star :all cheats will be activated all at the same time