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Several Cheats:
One of the well known cheats is going on too v-egos at the same time to do this u log onto 1 v-ego go into coke studios go into 1 of ur rooms then minimize every thing bring up a new enter net thing go to cokemusic .com log onto a differnt sn dont go into coke studios with it stay on the home page with it then back space every thing in the address bar and type

Another cheat is going invisible to do that u go the the corner farthest away from the door and bring up the navigation search the room ur in and re-enter it.

The last cheat i kno about is artmoney it can doo alot of stuff like get u free dbls and make coke appear in ur hand from thin air i dont know much about it yet but i do know that it can do amazing things and u get this from

How to play music without a cd player:
U have to first buy a cd player and then when u are about to put it down dont. In the bottom right hand corner there will be a play button press that and play ur song and peeps will think u played music with out a cd player.

TO show your framerate and etc, in the chat bar where you type stuff put in this- :PERFORMANCE and then hit enter. You will see the frame rate box. Close it with the little X.

50,0000 decibles:
To get 50,000 decibles you have to stay on coke studios for 4 hours.I know it sounds wierd and painful,but that is how you get it.

how to cut in line:
when you are in the world part of coke music and u are in the front of the line to play a song on the stand and your friend is in the back of the line and u want him all the way next to you, you click in the box that u are standing in but next to ur feet in the box you are standing in then u should get out of line and come back in and the person behind u should get out of line and stay out then keep doing that until your friend is up next to you