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Debug Mode:
Put in debugup during play to get debug mode. You will see coordinates appear in the top right screen corner and Dinos will ignore you unless you shoot them.

CTRL - Move Fast
SHIFT + S - Slo Mo Mode
TAB - Get Full Map
SHIFT + T Show frame rate
CTRL + N - Super Jump
CTRL + Space - Super Jump

Other codes entered during Play

SHIFT + L - Flight Mode

SHIFT + M - 3D Object toggle

SHIFT + F Fog Toggle

Visual Map Compass:
The instruction book with Carnivores 2 does not show how etc. to activate the directional compass. It is not shown either in the "options" window. To show the "Compass" and "Wind Diection Arrow" simply toggle the "Caps Lock" button on or off during play.

Change prices and Health HEX CHEAT (weapons and dino's):
BACKUP FILES FIRST! Go to the directory in which you installed the game Ex: "C:\Program Files\Carnivores 2" look for the folder named "Huntdat" open it and then look for the file called "_res" open it and here you will find all the changes you would want to make.Save a copy of this file before you change anything in it.Never set any number on that page to "0" or the game will not run.Ex:
name = 'T-Rex'
file = ''
ai = 18
mass = 6
length = 12
radius = 400
health = 1024
basescore = 25
smell = 0.85
hear = 0.8
look = 0.8
shipdelta = 168
danger = TRUE
Change the health into 1 instead of 1024 also you can change the smell(or any other sense) to 0.1

Select Your Character:
Go to the file that says "Huntdat." Now go into the file _res. Go to where it says "character" and change it to any dinosuar from the game: Parasaurolophus, Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus, Allosaurus, Chasmosaurus, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus, Ceratosaurus, T-Rex.

3 Windows 95/98 CD Rom 'Carnivores', 'MAD DOG MCCREE', 'DOOM 2' picture
3 Windows 95/98 CD Rom 'Carnivores', 'MAD DOG MCCREE', 'DOOM 2'

Ultimate Game Pack, Civilization 2, Carnivores 2 and more New picture
Ultimate Game Pack, Civilization 2, Carnivores 2 and more New