Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Joey the Passion PC cheats

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All cards:
1/350 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom (Effect Monster)
2/350 7 Completed (Spell)
3/350 Alligator's Sword (Normal Monster)
4/350 Alligator's Sword Dragon (Fusion Monster)
5/350 Alpha the Magnet Warrior (Normal Monster)
6/350 Amazon Archer (Effect Monster)
7/350 Amphibian Beast (Normal Monster)
8/350 Ancient Brain (Normal Monster)
9/350 Anti-Spell Fragrance (Trap)
10/350 Appropriate (Trap)
11/350 Aqua Chorus (Trap)
12/350 Aqua Spirit (Effect Monster)
13/350 Armored Glass (Trap)
14/350 Attack and Receive (Trap)
15/350 Axe Raider (Normal Monster)
16/350 B. Skull Dragon (Fusion Monster)
17/350 Baby Dragon (Normal Monster)
18/350 Backup Soldier (Trap)
19/350 Bait Doll (Spell)
20/350 Banisher of the Light (Effect Monster)
21/350 Battle Warrior (Normal Monster)
22/350 Bazoo the Soul-Eater (Effect Monster)
23/350 Beast of Gilfer (Effect Monster)
24/350 Berfomet (Effect Monster)
25/350 Beta the Magnet Warrior (Normal Monster)
26/350 Big Shield Gardna (Effect Monster)
27/350 Bio-Mage (Normal Monster)
28/350 Bite Shoes (Effect Monster)
29/350 Blast Sphere (Effect Monster)
30/350 Blind Destruction (Trap)
31/350 Blue Medicine (Spell)
32/350 Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon (Effect Monster)
33/350 Boar Soldier (Effect Monster)
34/350 Bombardment Beetle (Effect Monster)
35/350 Boneheimer (Normal Monster)
36/350 Bubonic Vermin (Effect Monster)
37/350 Burning Land (Spell)
38/350 Burning Spear (Spell)
39/350 Buster Blader (Effect Monster)
40/350 Call of the Haunted (Trap)
41/350 Card of Safe Return (Spell)
42/350 Ceasefire (Trap)
43/350 Ceremonial Bell (Effect Monster)
44/350 Chain Destruction (Trap)
45/350 Change of Heart (Spell)
46/350 Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast (Fusion Monster)
47/350 Chosen One (Spell)
48/350 Cold Wave (Spell)
49/350 Collected Power (Trap)
50/350 Copycat (Effect Monster)
51/350 Crimson Sentry (Effect Monster)
52/350 Cure Mermaid (Effect Monster)
53/350 Curse of the Masked Beast (Spell)
54/350 Cyber Falcon (Normal Monster)
55/350 Cyber-Stein (Effect Monster)
56/350 CYBER-TECH ALLIGATOR (Normal Monster)
57/350 Cyclon Laser (Spell)
58/350 Dancing Fairy (Effect Monster)
59/350 Dark Bat (Normal Monster)
60/350 Dark Magic Curtain (Spell)
61/350 Dark Magic Ritual (Spell)
62/350 Dark Magician Girl (Effect Monster)
63/350 Dark Necrofear (Effect Monster)
64/350 Dark Spirit of the Slient (Trap)
65/350 Dark Zebra (Effect Monster)
66/350 Dark-Eyes Illusionist (Effect Monster)
67/350 Darkfire Soldier #1 (Normal Monster)
68/350 Darkfire Soldier #2 (Normal Monster)
69/350 Deal of Phantom (Trap)
70/350 Deepsea Warrior (Effect Monster)
71/350 De-Fusion (Spell)
72/350 Delinquent Duo (Spell)
73/350 Destruction Punch (Trap)
74/350 Dimensional Warrior (Effect Monster)
75/350 Dimensionhole (Spell)
76/350 DNA Surgery (Trap)
77/350 Dokuroyaiba (Normal Monster)
78/350 Dragonic Attack (Spell)
79/350 Dreamsprite (Effect Monster)
80/350 Drill Bug (Effect Monster)
81/350 Driving Snow (Trap)
82/350 Dunames Dark Witch (Normal Monster)
83/350 Dust Tornado (Trap)
84/350 Earthbound Spirit (Normal Monster)
85/350 Earthshaker (Trap)
86/350 Ekibyo Drakmord (Spell)
87/350 Electromagnetic Bagworm (Effect Monster)
88/350 Elf's Light (Spell)
89/350 Empress Mantis (Normal Monster)
90/350 Enchanted Javeling (Trap)
91/350 Fairy Box (Trap)
92/350 Fairy Guardian (Effect Monster)
93/350 Fairy Meteor Crush (Spell)
94/350 Fairy's Gift (Normal Monster)
95/350 Fire Princess (Effect Monster)
96/350 Fire Sorcerer (Effect Monster)
97/350 Flame Cerebrus (Normal Monster)
98/350 Flame Champion (Normal Monster)
99/350 Flame Dancer (Normal Monster)
100/350 Flame Swordsman (Fusion Monster)
101/350 Flash Assailant (Effect Monster)
102/350 Flying Fish (Normal Monster)
103/350 Flying Kamakiri #1 (Effect Monster)
104/350 Flying Kamakiri #2 (Normal Monster)
105/350 Forced Requisition (Trap)
106/350 Forest (Spell)
107/350 Fusion Gate (Spell)
108/350 Fusion Sage (Spell)
109/350 Gadget Soldier (Normal Monster)
110/350 Gamble (Trap)
111/350 Gamma the Magnet Warrior (Normal Monster)
112/350 Garnecia Elefantis (Normal Monster)
113/350 Garuda the Wind Spirit (Effect Monster)
114/350 Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts (Normal Monster)
115/350 Gearfried the Iron Knight (Effect Monster)
116/350 Gemini Elf (Normal Monster)
117/350 Giant Germ (Effect Monster)
118/350 Giant Rat (Effect Monster)
119/350 Giant Trunade (Spell)
120/350 Gift of the Mystical Elf (Trap)
121/350 Gilasaurus (Effect Monster)
122/350 Girochin Kuwagata (Normal Monster)
123/350 Goblin Attack Force (Effect Monster)
124/350 Graceful Dice (Spell)
125/350 Gradius (Normal Monster)
126/350 Grand Tiki Elder (Normal Monster)
127/350 Graverobber (Trap)
128/350 Graverobber's Retribution (Trap)
129/350 Gravity Bind (Trap)
130/350 Greenkappa (Effect Monster)
131/350 Ground Attacker Bugroth (Normal Monster)
132/350 Ground Collapse (Spell)
133/350 Gryphon Wing (Trap)
134/350 Gust (Trap)
135/350 Gust Fan (Spell)
136/350 Harpie's Brother (Normal Monster)
137/350 Harpie's Feather Duster (Spell)
138/350 Harpie's Pet Dragon (Effect Monster)
139/350 Hayabusa Knight (Effect Monster)
140/350 Headless Knight (Normal Monster)
141/350 Humanoid Slime (Normal Monster)
142/350 Humanoid Worm Drake (Fusion Monster)
143/350 Hysteric Fairy (Effect Monster)
144/350 Imperial Order (Trap)
145/350 Infinite Cards (Spell)
146/350 Infinite Dismissal (Trap)
147/350 Insect Barrier (Spell)
148/350 Insect Imitation (Spell)
149/350 Insect Queen (Effect Monster)
150/350 Insect Soldiers of the Sky (Effect Monster)
151/350 Inspection (Spell)
152/350 Island Turtle (Normal Monster)
153/350 Jam Breeding Machine (Spell)
154/350 Jam Defender (Trap)
155/350 Jar of Greed (Trap)
156/350 Jinzo (Effect Monster)
157/350 Jowgen the Spiritualist (Effect Monster)
158/350 Kaminari Attack (Fusion Monster)
159/350 Karate Man (Effect Monster)
160/350 Kinetic Soldier (Effect Monster)
161/350 Kiseitai (Effect Monster)
162/350 Kotodama (Effect Monster)
163/350 Kunai with Chain (Trap)
164/350 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer (Effect Monster)
165/350 Lady Assailant of Flames (Effect Monster)
166/350 Lady Panther (Effect Monster)
167/350 Last Will (Spell)
168/350 Leogun (Normal Monster)
169/350 Light of Intervention (Trap)
170/350 Lightforce Sword (Trap)
171/350 Lightning Blade (Spell)
172/350 Lightning Conger (Normal Monster)
173/350 Limiter Removal (Spell)
174/350 Liquid Beast (Normal Monster)
175/350 Lord of D. (Effect Monster)
176/350 Machine King (Effect Monster)
177/350 Mad Sword Beast (Effect Monster)
178/350 Mage Power (Spell)
179/350 Magic Cylinder (Trap)
180/350 Magic Drain (Trap)
181/350 Magic Jammer (Trap)
182/350 Magic Thorn (Trap)
183/350 Magical Hats (Trap)
184/350 Magical Labyrinth (Spell)
185/350 Magic-Arm Shield (Trap)
186/350 Magician of Black Chaos (Ritual Monster)
187/350 Major Riot (Trap)
188/350 Makiu (Spell)
189/350 Manga Ryu-Ran (Effect Monster)
190/350 Marie the Fallen One (Effect Monster)
191/350 Maryokutai (Effect Monster)
192/350 Mask of Brutality (Spell)
193/350 Mask of Dispel (Spell)
194/350 Mask of Restrict (Trap)
195/350 Mask of the Accursed (Spell)
196/350 Mask of Weakness (Trap)
197/350 Mega Thunderball (Normal Monster)
198/350 Melchid the Four-Face Beast (Normal Monster)
199/350 Messenger of Peace (Spell)
200/350 Metal Detector (Trap)
201/350 Metalmorph (Trap)
202/350 Michizure (Trap)
203/350 Minor Goblin Official (Trap)
204/350 Miracle Dig (Spell)
205/350 Mirror Wall (Trap)
206/350 Monster Reborn (Spell)
207/350 Morinphen (Normal Monster)
208/350 Morphing Jar #2 (Effect Monster)
209/350 Mother Grizzly (Effect Monster)
210/350 Mountain (Spell)
211/350 Mr. Volcano (Normal Monster)
212/350 Muka Muka (Effect Monster)
213/350 Multiply (Spell)
214/350 Mysterious Puppeteer (Effect Monster)
215/350 Mystic Box (Spell)
216/350 Mystic Lamp (Effect Monster)
217/350 Mystic Probe (Trap)
218/350 Mystic Tomato (Effect Monster)
219/350 Mystical Space Typhoon (Spell)
220/350 Nightmare's Steelcage (Spell)
221/350 Nimble Momonga (Effect Monster)
222/350 Nobleman of Crossout (Spell)
223/350 Nobleman of Extermination (Spell)
224/350 Numinous Healer (Trap)
225/350 Nuvia the Wicked (Effect Monster)
226/350 Octoberser (Normal Monster)
227/350 Ocubeam (Normal Monster)
228/350 Offerings to the Doomed (Spell)
229/350 Oni Tank T-34 (Normal Monster)
230/350 Overdrive (Normal Monster)
231/350 Panther Warrior (Effect Monster)
232/350 Parasite Paracide (Effect Monster)
233/350 Patrol Robo (Effect Monster)
234/350 Penguin Soldier (Effect Monster)
235/350 Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth (Effect Monster)
236/350 Polymerization (Spell)
237/350 Premature Burial (Spell)
238/350 Prohibition (Spell)
239/350 Psychic Kappa (Normal Monster)
240/350 Raimei (Spell)
241/350 Rain of Mercy (Spell)
242/350 Red Archery Girl (Normal Monster)
243/350 Red-Eyes B. Dragon (Normal Monster)
244/350 Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon (Effect Monster)
245/350 Red-Moon Baby (Effect Monster)
246/350 Respect Play (Trap)
247/350 Return of the Doomed (Spell)
248/350 Revival Jam (Effect Monster)
249/350 Rigras Leever (Effect Monster)
250/350 Riryoku (Spell)
251/350 Riryoku Field (Trap)
252/350 Rocket Warrior (Effect Monster)
253/350 Royal Command (Trap)
254/350 Salamandra (Spell)
255/350 Sangan (Effect Monster)
256/350 Scapegoat (Spell)
257/350 Science Soldier (Normal Monster)
258/350 Scroll of Bewitchment (Spell)
259/350 Seal of the Ancients (Spell)
260/350 Sebek's Blessing (Spell)
261/350 Shadow of Eyes (Trap)
262/350 Shield & Sword (Spell)
263/350 Shift (Trap)
264/350 Shining Abyss (Normal Monster)
265/350 Shining Angel (Effect Monster)
266/350 Sinister Serpent (Effect Monster)
267/350 Skelengel (Effect Monster)
268/350 Skull Dice (Trap)
269/350 Skull Invitation (Trap)
270/350 Skull Lair (Trap)
271/350 Skull Mariner (Normal Monster)
272/350 Slate Warrior (Effect Monster)
273/350 Slot Machine (Normal Monster)
274/350 Snatch Steal (Spell)
275/350 Sogen (Spell)
276/350 Solemn Wishes (Trap)
277/350 Solomon's Lawbook (Trap)
278/350 Sonic Bird (Effect Monster)
279/350 Soul of Purity and Light (Effect Monster)
280/350 Soul Release (Spell)
281/350 Soul of the Forgotten (Normal Monster)
282/350 Spear Cretin (Effect Monster)
283/350 Spherous Lady (Normal Monster)
284/350 Spikebot (Normal Monster)
285/350 Spirit Elimination (Spell)
286/350 Spirit of Flames (Effect Monster)
287/350 Spirit of the Breeze (Effect Monster)
288/350 Spiritualism (Spell)
289/350 St. Joan (Fusion Monster)
290/350 Steel Orge Grotto #2 (Normal Monster)
291/350 Steel Shell (Spell)
292/350 Stone Ogre Grotto (Normal Monster)
293/350 Summoner of Illusions (Effect Monster)
294/350 Supply (Effect Monster)
295/350 Sword Hunter (Effect Monster)
296/350 Sword of Dragon's Soul (Spell)
297/350 Swordsman of Landstar (Normal Monster)
298/350 The All-Seeing White Tiger (Normal Monster)
299/350 The Dark Door (Spell)
300/350 The Earl of Demise (Normal Monster)
301/350 The Emperor's Holiday (Trap)
302/350 The Eye of Truth (Trap)
303/350 The Flute of Summoning Dragon (Spell)
304/350 The Forgiving Maiden (Effect Monster)
305/350 The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams (Normal Monster)
306/350 The Immortal of Thunder (Effect Monster)
307/350 The Last Warrior from Another Planet (Fusion Monster)
308/350 The Legendary Fisherman (Effect Monster)
309/350 The Masked Beast (Ritual Monster)
310/350 The Portrait's Secret (Normal Monster)
311/350 The Regulation of Tribe (Trap)
312/350 The Rock Spirit (Effect Monster)
313/350 The Shallow Grave (Spell)
314/350 The Statue of Easter Island (Normal Monster)
315/350 The Unfriendly Amazon (Effect Monster)
316/350 The Wicked Worm Beast (Effect Monster)
317/350 Thousand Dragon (Fusion Monster)
318/350 Thousand Knives (Spell)
319/350 Three-Headed Geedo (Normal Monster)
320/350 Tiger Axe (Normal Monster)
321/350 Time Machine (Trap)
322/350 Time Seal (Trap)
323/350 Time Wizard (Effect Monster)
324/350 Toon Mermaid (Effect Monster)
325/350 Toon Summoned Skull (Effect Monster)
326/350 Toon World (Spell)
327/350 Tornado Bird (Effect Monster)
328/350 Tornado Wall (Trap)
329/350 Torrential Tribute (Trap)
330/350 Total Defense Shogun (Effect Monster)
331/350 Tribute to the Doomed (Spell)
332/350 Turtle Bird (Normal Monster)
333/350 Twin-Headed Fire Dragon (Normal Monster)
334/350 Type Zero Magic Crusher (Trap)
335/350 UFO Turtle (Effect Monster)
336/350 Ultimate Offering (Trap)
337/350 Umi (Spell)
338/350 United We Stand (Spell)
339/350 Valkyrion the Magna Warrior (Effect Monster)
340/350 Vengeful Bog Spirit (Spell)
341/350 Wall Shadow (Effect Monster)
342/350 Wasteland (Spell)
343/350 Windstorm of Etaqua (Trap)
344/350 Wingweaver (Normal Monster)
345/350 Witch of the Black Forest (Normal Monster)
346/350 World Suppression (Trap)
347/350 Worm Drake (Normal Monster)
348/350 Wow Warrior (Normal Monster)
349/350 Yami (Spell)
350/350 Zombyra the Dark (Effect Monster)

More cards:
Do Match Duel and you will get three cards instead of one.
Faster Game Speed:
Start the game wit the following command line parameter:
C:Program FilesKONAMIYu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos
JOEY THE PASSIONjoey_pc.exe -speedy
Show frame rate:

Start the game wit the following command line parameter:
C:Program FilesKONAMIYu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos JOEY
THE PASSIONjoey_pc.exe -fps

Yu-Gi-Oh Power of Chaos: Joey the Passion PC TRADING CARD GAME BOX 1996 CD MINT picture
Yu-Gi-Oh Power of Chaos: Joey the Passion PC TRADING CARD GAME BOX 1996 CD MINT

Yu-Gi-Oh Power Of Chaos Joey The Passion PC Disc Only Untested picture
Yu-Gi-Oh Power Of Chaos Joey The Passion PC Disc Only Untested

Yu-Gi-Oh Power of Chaos: Joey the Passion PC TRADING CARD GAME BOX 2004 CD MINT picture
Yu-Gi-Oh Power of Chaos: Joey the Passion PC TRADING CARD GAME BOX 2004 CD MINT


Yu-Gi-Oh - Sebeks Blessing PCJ-EN002 - Power of Chaos Joey the Passion PC Pro picture
Yu-Gi-Oh - Sebeks Blessing PCJ-EN002 - Power of Chaos Joey the Passion PC Pro

Yu-Gi-Oh Power Of Chaos Joey The Passion PC Perfect picture
Yu-Gi-Oh Power Of Chaos Joey The Passion PC Perfect