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Free dragonplex 2-h:
Go to the king of sarium and do the dragon jumper quest then at the end you will get the cool sword.

Training Hint:

In runescape 2 go to the Varrock Palace and go north to the very back of the Palace where you will find a ladder. Go up the ladder into the Guards room above. Look around and you will see that there is an empty room filled with guards that give nice amounts of EXP for training.

Money (Method):
Earn easy money by increasing your mining and crafting. Sell your created items for cash.

Quick Money:
Ask the men in blue to take a ship to Karamja at Port Salim. Next, head over to the first house you see on the right. Speak to the man in black attire. He will ask you to take on a job. Acquire 10 bananas and place them in the crate to get 30gp. Repeat this to get a load of money.

Sword and Shield for Free:
Head over to the shop in Lubridge. Outside the shop, there are 3 people all clothed in blue attire. Talk with the man and he will give you a sword and shield for nothing.