One Must Fall: 2097 PC cheats

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Advanced Options:
On the first screen (The one with the 1,2 player mode, configuration, gameplay ect) hold down the keys 2 0 9 7 at the same time for a few seconds. Go to the gameplay screen and there should be an advanced options screen.

Color Change Keys:
In one or two player mode pick your pilot. At the robot screen select the robot you want. Don't press enter yet. By pressing the 1, 2, and 3 keys you will be able to change the colors of your robot.

Easy Win with Shadow:
Buy or choose the robot Shadow. When you've stunned your enemy, quickly do the shadow grab (Shadow's shadow holds opponent from behind). Now hit your enemy however you wish and when they get back up they will be stunned again. Repeat this process for an easy and profitable victory.

Heavy Metal:
At the title screen, type REIN. Whenever you hit someone scraps of metal start falling from the sky.

Play as Nova:
To play as Nova in 1 or 2 player mode, choose a pilot then at the robot selection screen press F, F, F, D, B, B, U, B, U, Dx11, F+P.

Pyro's Moves:
Here are three of Pyro's best moves.

Fire Spin Down + Punch
Jet Swoop Up, Down + Kick
Thrust Toward + Punch, Toward + Punch

Shadow's Specials:
To perform the Shadow Grab, press Down, Down, Punch.

To do his Air Grab, jump then press Down, Down-Forward, Forward and Punch.

Thorn's Special:
To perform the Spike Charge, press Forward, Forward, Punch.

Deadly difficulty level:
To get the Deadly difficulty level, highlight the difficulty option and keep trying to get past the hardest difficulty (KEEP PRESSING THE RIGHT ARROW KEY).

Ultimate difficulty level:
To get the Ultimate difficulty level open up Deadly and while holding down O,M, and F, press the right arrow.

Cheat: Increase Scrap Metal Falling From a Hit:
During fighting, hold done B+I+G+#, where # is a number from 0-9. This will alter the amount of scrap metal that falls from a hit. You can make a ton of scrap fall with B+I+G+9, or reduce the amount of scrap to near zero with B+I+G+0. To reset it, press B+I+G+1.