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Cunjo Hunter:
25% to get when you go Cunjo Hunting

Director of the Bureau of Internal Investigations:
Complete Federation storyline

Federation Ambassador:
Complete 2/3 Fed Missions

Federation Naval Commander:
Complete 1/3 Fed Missions

First Thurokiir of the Auroran Empire:
Lead the Heraan House to becoming the First Family

Have Hypergate Access:
Start the 3rd Sigma Mission OR become Ory-Hara

Heraan Thurokiir:
Win the disabling duel against the other pack members

Kar'Hallarn, Leader of the Pack:
Complete about 1/2 Auroran missions

Knight of the Red Branch:
Complete Wild Geese storyline with Michalean alive and McGowan accepting the peace proposal

Member of the Guild of Bounty Hunters:
Complete 1st Bounty Hunter mission, rank is very fragile and can be easily lost through many means.

Complete 1/3 Polaris Missions

Complete 1/3 Rebel missions

Pirate Guild Master:
Comeplete 1/2 Pirate Missions

Sworn Enemy of the Wild Geese:
Board Eamon Flanaggin's ship (destroying doesn't count), replaces Knight of Red Branch if you have it

T6, T5, T4, T3, T2, T1, T0:
Complete Vell-os missions, ranks earned in that order

U.N. Shipping Courier:
Complete 1st U.N. mission

Warrior of the Heraan House:
Complete the duel for initiation

Wrathii (Federation):
Complete 5th Gli-Tech-Nia Mission

Polaron Multi-Torpedos:
Unlock the Raven

Etheric Wake Missle:
Complete 3rd Gli-Tech-Nia Mission

Vell-os Javelin:
Become a T1

Vell-os Dart:
Become a T3

Vell-os Arrow:
Become a T2

Complete 2/3 Pirate missions

Rebel Dragon, Destroyer, IDA Frigate:
Complete most Rebel missions (about 2/3)

R.A.G.E. Gunboat:
Complete 6th Gli-Tech-Nia mission (Fed storyline only)

Polaris Zephyr:
Finish either Track A or B Polaris missions (you are not notified of it's development in Track A)

Ion Cannons always legal:
If you get Ion Cannons by capturing a ship or by purchasing the Manticore, they are always legal, even though they are often found on Pirate vessels and legal ones are supposed to be found only on Federation ships.

Loop around in systems:
If you fly far enough in one direction without entering hyperspace, you'll eventually appear on the other side of the system you are currently in. Hostile ships, auto-pilot and escorts will act as though you were still on the side you were initially on. This is useful landing on blockaded planets.

Blue Zephyr:
Sometimes you will come across a Polaris Zephyr named Shade of Blue. He was the beta tester who named the ship he flies. He has extra weapons that the normal Zephyr doesn't have, such as a 200mm Rail Gun. If you capture him, he will stay blue. You can then fly around and impress your friends with your blue Zephyr.

Read hidden Thank you's from the producers:
To read hidden Thank you's from the producers of this game, simply press the ''X'' key on the main menu.

You Killed Kenny:
Create a new pilot with the name 'kenny' (not strict play), and proceed to play the game like normal. Any time you are killed, the status window (on the main menu) shows 'Oh my God! You killed Kenny!'

Zero Wing Reference:
Cats, from the game Zero Wing, appears in Escape Velocity Nova flying a red Leviathan. Hail him and the normal Leviathan picture will be replaced with a picture of him. Send him a greetings and he will respond with his infamous "All your base are belong to us" line. Also, attacking him will cause him to shout "For Great Justice!" He has extra weapons, such as Pirate Viper Bays, which you will have if you capture and use him as your own ship. He won't stay red if captured, however.