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Code Result
davidbrus God Mode
mikekoenigs All Ammo
scottholman All Ammo and Keys
digitalcafe Show All Map
marybregi Invisibility
andrewbenson Invulnerability
charlesjacobi No Clipping
deanhyers Strength
kimhyers Position on Map
allen Radiation Suit
joelkoenigs Bootspork and "Eat Chex!"
sherrill Additional Map Info

Finding Hidden Doors:
In each level there are a number of hidden doors. Here is an easy way to find them.

After you completely explore a level, press TAB to view the map. there will be short yellow lines on some walls on the map. Most of the time, those short yellow lines show where hidden doors are. Just walk up to the place on a wall where a yellow line was shown on the map, and press the space bar. If you are at the right location on the wall a hidden door will open. Alot of times there are some health and weapon rechargers behind the hidden doors.

Secret Vent:
In the second level there are two refridgerated storage rooms. In the second one of these rooms there is a secret vent with some cool stuff inside it.

Get on the turbo lift in the back, you want to stand in front of the big set of crates toward the left. You must stand right on the edge of the power lift. When it goes up run forward an youll get on top of one of the crates. You'll notice that one of the panels on your right is different than the others. Open it, then follow the vent. At the end you will find a small blue room with a really big gun.

Walkthrough for Level 5:
In level 5, as you walk up the stairs(before you go down again), at the top, there will be a light to the right. Open it, and there will be a flemoid and a yellow key. After you get rid of the Flemoid, and get the key, turn around and go to the northwest corner from where the key was. It's a door. Inside, the will be a stream. Go right. At the end is a waterfall. Go down it. There will be another flemoid in the room you are in. After you go out of the room, you are in the boss's room.

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ChexQuest CD-ROM Chex Quest Cereal Promotional Nutritious Breakfast