Championship Manager 99/00 PC cheats

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Extra Money:
Go Arsenal, buy Robert Pires for 17.5M. After getting him, go to find player, type "Pires", and Robert Pires with a different club and only worth 75,000 will appear. Buy him and Man Utd will place a bid for the more expensive Robert Pires at a price of 23M. Accept and Pires will go to Man Utd, but leave you with a profit and the other Pires.

Go a rich club such as Manchester United or Barcelona. Buy players from the club you want to make richer. e.g. St. Johnstone (Scotland) Gerry McMahon for 7.5m, Nathan Lowndes 6m etc.

Free Players And Win Every Match:
To get free players you must give an offers to as much as you want (even if it goes red) then when you are offering him a contract at the bit where you a choosing if he is indispenseable or not click his name a withdrwn the offer and the offer him nothing, you will still have the contract window open so you can offer him a contract and get him for free.

To win every match you must first download a save game editor from a champ site like or and make up your own team (note: you must first take a team out of the division you want to be in) and play the formation 4 2 1 3 and now you have the perfect team.

Manage and international team:
Go to "Add Manager". Edit your name, then go to any squad. Click on a player, then click on their nationality (e.g. Ryan Giggs - Welsh). This give you the national squad. Go to the top right hand corner, click on "Take Control", then click "Yes".