Championship Manager 3 PC cheats

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Be International Manager From Beginning:
At the very beginning of the game when choosing which team to be, go to any team which has an international player. Then go to that player's profile. Click on the players nationality (eg. english) and when you reach the international team sheet, it will give you the option to 'take control' at the top right hand corner.

Control English Team:
At the team select screen pick any team. Now click on any English player on the team and click on "English". You now have the English Team.

Free Transfers For Every Team:
1. Go to the player you want to buy e.g. Michael Owen
2. Bid NO Fee
3. Add another manager
4. Chose a team
5. Bid for Micheal Owen (NO Fee)
7. Click on the Arrow in the top left hand corner of the screen and select the original team.
8. Now go to "ACCEPT"
9. Withdraw the transfer offer from the 2nd team
10. The transfer will now be complete if the player and team can agree personal terms

Hint for goals:
Make your striker mark the opposition's keeper. It is quite effective, and the striker will score alot of goals.

Players for free:
Go to the player you want to buy. Put an offer in for twice as much as his value,they will accept, you go to 'adjust offer', put your offer down to free and press cancel.