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Alter alignment:
To increase your alignment towards good, repeatedly give money to the beggars in the streets.

Easy identification:
Put one or two points into Pickpocketing and save the game at Rizzettes in Shrouded Hills. Pickpocket the key from Rizzette and sell him any item that is not identified. Go to his room to the chest by the bed. Open it and take out the item. It should now be identified.

Easy money:
In Tarant while on the second quest that Madam Lil gives you, when talking to Mr. Langley say that Madam Lil sent you. Then, choose either response (other than bye), then the one that begins with "[Menacing]", then say that you do not trust him, and finally choose "Okay [you take the coin] but I'll be back for the rest". After you are done, repeat this as many times as needed for free money.

Keep multiple summoned creature:
Wait until you are over level 15. Summon any desired creature, then cast the level 15 magic reflection shield on the summoned creature. Delete the creature, then the shield. You will get to keep the creature until it dies. Repeat to build a group of permanent summoned creature. Note: The game may slow and crash if too many summoned creatures are kept.

Liams Workshop:
When you go to close the gate, don't. You can go from level 12 to 30 in a couple of hours of just killing the creatures that come out of the gate. There is a limit to how many come out though. This makes the rest of the game much easier if you are just in it for the story anyway.

Powerful Mage:
Use the following trick to become a very powerful mage early in the game. First, pickpocket Rizzei and acquire a least 10,000 gold. Then, wait by the wise woman until you get a Dark Helm, Arcane Robes, and an Arcane Staff. Note: Only the
Dark Helm is required for this trick, and it will give you a 100% evil alignment. Then, place the Dark Helm on and off until your Magical Alignment is 100, then leave it on. All magical items, armor, and spells will now be at maximum, and will give you the highest attack defense and damage possible for the item. Thus, the Arcane Robes (which provide more protection than any other arcane armor) and the Arcane Staff (which has 80 free mana) are used. After this, you may kill her and take her money (which should total over 50,000 gold). Then, wait by another wise woman until you get two Arcane Rings, Enchanted War Boots, an Arcane Helmet, Arcane Gauntlets and if desired, an Arcane Great Sword and Arcane Shield. You can do all of this before finding out about the telegram and should total about 100 defense and a 35 attack if you put a point into melee.

Stillwater Giant:
Contrary to popular belief, the Stillwater Giant is real. He can be found as a random encounter in the area around Stillwater. He first appears as as a blue bunny, but turns into the Stillwater Giant if you attack him. Be forewarned -- he is good aligned and you will shift towards evil if you kill him.

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Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura - Big Box PC - CIB w/ Prima Guide

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